Patricia Locke Jewelry

155 results
Chi in Waterlily
Vogue in Waterlily
Cher in Fling
Cher in Fling
Illumine in Indicolite
Bandelier in Fling
Fastlane in Fling
Swing Time in Fling
Vienna in Tango
Vienna in Tango
Nouveau in Revolution
Betatakin in Fling
Hotsy Totsy in Celebration
Juliette in Fling
Firebird in Waterlily
Wee in Fling
Wee in Fling
Sprite in Celebration
Picture Window in Fling
Crucible in Waterlily
Twirl in Joy
Twirl in Joy
Madeline in Circo
Michelle in Fling
Gossip in Joy
Gossip in Joy
Mystic in Celebration
Composition in Joy
For Better or Worse in Hibiscus
Hailstone in Smoked Topaz
Empire in Heather
Cirque Nouvea in Waterlily
Pachinko in Marais
Solstice in Waterlily
Supernova in Waterlily
Balance in Waterlily
Abstraction in Waterlily
Rock Candy in Zest
Portobello Road in Waterlily
Bon Temp in Fling
Bombay in Revolution
Beeline in Fling
Relic in Fling
Relic in Fling
Kensington in Marais
Take Five in Waterlily
Say Yes in Joy
Say Yes in Joy
Pungi in Fling
Pungi in Fling
Caprice in Kashmir
Rocky Road in Zest
Walkabout in Joy
Empire State in Waterlily
Sold Out
Journey to the Center in Circo
Melody in Kaleidoscope
155 results
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