Patricia Locke Jewelry

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Affirmation in Waterlily
Sold Out
Zsa Zsa in Fling
Nectar in Waterlily
Encore in Fling
Encore in Fling
Veronica in Fling
Lana in Fling
Lana in Fling
Bee Bop in Waterlily
Wild Honey in Waterlily
Flight of the Bumblebee in Waterlily
Honeycomb in Waterlily
Lucille in Fling
Ruby on the Dot
Evolve in Waterlily
Bliss in Waterlily
The 'L' in Waterlily
Mantra in Fling
Mantra in Fling
Dotty in Waterlily
Atomic in Waterlily
Serenity in Aqua
Wild Earrings
Wild Earrings
Big Pane Earrings
Kate Earrings
Kate Earrings
Judith Earrings
Tassel Earrings
Frame Up Earrings
Paddywhack Earrings
Penny Farthing Earrings
Three Cylinder Earrings
Eco Earrings
Eco Earrings
Hoopla Earrings
Chaser Earrings in Silver
Pennies from Above in Fling
Simple Gift in Fling
Open & Closed in Fling
Push & Pull Necklace in Fling
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