Beaded Jewelry

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Dark Purple Druzy Earrings
Plum Druzy Earrings
Peridot and Purple Druzy Necklace
Lavender Jade with Gray Druzy Necklace
White Moonstone and Quartz Necklace
Black Spinnel and Ethiopian Opals Necklace
Neon Apatite and White Druzy Necklace
Apatite and White Chalcedony Necklace
Peach Moonstone with Druzy Necklace
Dark Blue Chalcedony with Druzy Necklace
Prehnite with Amber Quartz Necklace
Pink Rectangle Druzy Earrings
White Cave Druzy Earrings
Blue Circle Druzy Earrings
Light Olive Jade with Aqua Druzy Necklace
Aqua Jade with Aqua Druzy Necklace
Sky Blue Jade with Peach Druzy Necklace
Purple Jade with Fuschia Druzy Necklace
Peach Jade with Blue Druzy Necklace
Olive Jade with Blue Druzy Necklace
Purple Rectangle Druzy Earrings
Oval Green Druzy Earrings
Small Black Druzy Earrings
Green Quartz Necklace
Lavender Jade with Purple Druzy Necklace
Green Jade with Pink Oval Druzy Necklace
Aqua Ellipse Druzy Earrings
Teal Square Druzy Earrings
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