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Giverny Post Earrings
Giverny Long Dangle Earrings
Giverny Dangle Post Earrings
Golden Daisy Two Flower Dangle Earrings
Golden Daisy Dangle Post with Pearl
Golden Daisy Three Flower Dangle Earrings
Polaris in Erinite
Skeeball in Aquamarine
Isabella in Waterlily
Polaris in Fuchsia
Skeeball in Ruby
Take Five in Waterlily
Cupcake in Indicolite
Cassie in Waterlily
Sprite in Fling
Splash in Fling
Lucille in Fling
Pulsar in Waterlily
Hopi in Fling
Hopi in Fling
Selene in Waterlily
Starlight in Indicolite
Veronica in Waterlily
Mercy in Waterlily
Sirius in Waterlily Aqua
Eye Spy in Ruby
Pebbles in Fling
Bumper Cars in Waterlily
Here Comes the Sun in Fling
Sine Hoops (Large) - Pearl and Gold
Stick Posts Earrings - Gold and Pearl
Convergence Hooks - Steel and Silver
Convergence Hooks - Gold and Gold
Double Double Hook Earrings - Steel and Silver
Vertigo Hook Earrings (Large) - Gold and Pearl
Triplet Hooks Earrings - Steel and Silver
Triplet Hooks Earrings - Gold and Gold
Aerial Hooks (Large) - Steel and Rainbow Pearls
Convergence Posts - Gold and Gold
Trip Hoops (Small) - Steel and Silver
Mini Grad Circles Earrings Hooks - Gold and Gold
Grad Circle Earrings Hooks - Gold and Gold
Orbiting Circle Hooks - Ombre
Grad Circle Triplet Hooks - Ombre
Trip Hoops (Small) - Gold
Grad Circle Earrings Hooks - Steel and Silver
Sky Blue and Teal Kyanite Statement Earrings
Drippy Petal Earrings - Kyanite
Double Stone Crimson Earrings - Moonstone and Labradorite
281 results
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