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Vera Earrings
Vera Earrings
Vera Necklace (reversible)
Pippa Earrings
Pia Necklace
Pia Necklace
Mira Earrings
Mira Earrings
Lena Necklace (reversible)
Ilsa Necklace (reversible)
Helena Earrings
Azteca Necklace (reversible)
Alta Necklace (reversible)
Walnut Alta Earrings
Platinum Alta Earrings
Denver Necklace - Soul Voyage
Golinda Necklace - Soul Voyage
Tori Earrings - Soul Voyage
Oxford Earrings - Soul Voyage
Lucy Necklace - Shell Beach
Shell Beach Necklace
Navaeh Necklace - Turquoise Crown
Grace Earrings - Turquoise Crown
Violet Earrings - Turquoise Crown
Large Spiral Earrings
Gold Edge Simple Hoops – Large
Gold Edge Simple Hoops – Medium
Gold Edge Post Earrings – Small
Peridot and Amethyst Circle Necklace
Iolite and Garnet Circle Necklace
Loop Necklace with Blue Topaz, Amethyst and Peridot
Peridot and Blue Topaz Tiny Petal Earrings
Amethyst and Blue Topaz Tiny Petal Earrings
Blue Topaz and White Topaz Circle Earrings
Blue Topaz Marquise Earrings
Edge Bracelet – Black Ruthenium & Blue Topaz
White Rhodium Edge Cuff Bracelet
White Rhodium Edge Post Earrings – Large
Citrine Trillion Earrings
225 results
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