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Labradorite Semi-Circle Necklace
Small Faceted Labradorite Necklace
Horseshoe Necklace
Dainty Tiny Heart Necklace
Double Circle Necklace
Tiny Circle Necklace
Three Bar Necklace
Four Circle Labradorite Necklace
Labradorite Tear Drop Necklace
Five Stick Necklace
Effortless Pear Necklace
Effortless Circle Necklace
Funky Vertical Harmonious Necklace
Vertical Harmonious Necklace
Harmonious Horizontal Necklace
Mini Circle Bubble Necklace
Medium Circle Bubble Necklace
Large Circle Bubble Necklace
Double Pond Shaped Necklace
Kyanite Collar Necklace
Long Mixed Chain Necklace
Kyanite, Opal and Aquamarine Necklace
Blue Diamond Layered Necklace
Cluster Necklace
Opal Collar Necklace
Oval Cusp Necklace with Diamond
Pivot Drop Necklace
Rustic Crescent Necklace
Latitude Split Necklace
Crescent Rim Drop Necklace - Moonstone
Crescent Rim Drop Necklace - Kyanite
Petite Crescent Rim Necklace - Teal Kyanite
Petite Crescent Rim Necklace - Peridot
Petite Crescent Rim Necklace - Moonstone
Crescent Rim 2 Necklace with Labradorite
Crescent Rim 2 Necklace with Kyanite
Forest Stroll, Gloria Necklace
Atmosphere, Ashlley Necklace
Atmosphere, Aretha Necklace
Atmosphere, Adrienne Necklace
Primary Impression, Susie Q Necklace
Sky Line, Angie Necklace
Sky Line, Maggie Mae Necklace
Jazz and Blues, Rose Necklace
Tiny Heart Necklace
Tiny Heart Necklace with Gold Dot
Sterling Silver Heart Necklace
Large Swirl Necklace with 4 Fresh water pearls
330 results
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