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Chunky Emerald Necklace
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Affirmation in Waterlily
Four Leaf Necklace with Chalcedony
Orange Blossom Dainty Necklace
Every love story...
Teachers Necklace
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Petite Leaf Statement Necklace
Peapod Necklace One Pea
My Mother Necklace
Waterlily 16" Adjustable Necklace
Orange Blossom 16" Adjustable Necklace
Drop Necklace
Drop Necklace
Black and Gold Shape Necklace
Circle and Drop Necklace
Five Circle Necklace
Line Circle Necklace
Long Circle Cluster Necklace
Black and Gold Circle Necklace
Emerald Ladder Necklace
Emerald Oval Necklace
Emerald Eye Necklace
Emerald Cluster Necklace
Oh the places you'll go
If you want to be happy be
See the good
See the good
You get what you give
No Risk No Magic
You are my sunshine
When they go low we go high
Love you to the moon and back
Chevron with Sea Green Druzy Necklace
Line Drop with Sea Green Druzy Necklace
Pear Shaped Sea Green Druzy Necklace
Sea Green Druzy and Labradorite Necklace
Round Leaf Eucalyptus Dainty Necklace
Round Leaf Eucalyptus Bar Necklace
Blue Violet Bar Necklace
Blue Violet Pendant Necklace
Tourmaline, Aquamarine and Amethyst Feather Necklace
Rosecut Aquamarine Feather Necklace
Five Feather Necklace
Aquamarine Feather Necklace
Pear Drop Amethyst Necklace
Citrine with Line and Circle Necklace
Amethyst Skinny Drop Necklace
Rounded Rectangle Necklace with Pearl
Black and Gold Rectangle Necklace with Pearl
Black and Gold Square Necklace with Pearl
251 results
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