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Bluebell Bracelet - Magic Potion
Push & Pull in Fling
Harmonic Series in Waterlily
Ella in Waterlily
Cassiopea in Waterlily
Penny Arcade in Waterlily
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Edge Bracelet – Black Ruthenium & Blue Topaz
White Rhodium Edge Cuff Bracelet
Hydrangea Cuff Bracelet
Octopus Bracelet
Necklace or Bracelet Strand
Treasure Bracelet
Tsarina in Waterlily
Round Two in Waterlily
Penny Arcade in Fling
Epic Silver Cuff - Follw your heart
Squiggle Bracelet
Squiggle Bracelet
Three Section Bracelet
Drusy, Freshwater Pearl and Quartz Bracelet
Thin Ring Bracelet
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