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Small Rod Menorah
Small Dreidel
Small Dreidel
Tree of Life Menorah on Stone
Copper Wrapped Stem Kiddush Cup
Rolled Copper Wedding Mezuzah
Baby Boy Mezuzah
Baby Girl Mezuzah
Simple Dreidel
Bar Menorah
Bar Menorah
Copper Tube Mezuzah
Square Copper Mezuzah with Brass
Woven Yarzheit Candle Holder
Yellow Kiddish Cup
Yellow Hamsa Trivet
Tree of Life Yarzheit Candle Holder
Small Classic Wedding Mezuzah
Western Wall Tzedakah Box
Bar Mitzvah Tzedakah Box
Small Hamsa Tzedakah Box
Baby Tzedakah Box Blue
Wavy Frame w/ Bar Mitzvah Image
Netilat Yadaim - Hand Washing Set
Sterling Silver Hamsa with Pearls - Reversible
Small Yellow Hamsa Necklace
Small Golden Color Hamsa Necklace
Large Ahava Shardz Sculpture
Floral 5x7 Beloved Frame with Tube
Copper Wall Havadallah Set
Aqua Kiddish Cup
Small Curved Menorah
Woven Copper Mezuzah
Hamsa Necklace
Pink Star of David Necklace
Hamsa Necklace
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