Artistic Jewelry

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Waterfall Earrings
Two Planes Pendant Necklace
Shadow Studs
Shadow Studs
Peapod Earrings
Oval Maidan Earrings
Large Maze Earrings
Small Maze Earrings
Maze Pendant Necklace
Laurel Cascade Earrings
Small Eclipse Studs
Eclipse Pendant Necklace
Eclipse Drop Earrings
Echo Studs
Echo Studs
Lagoon Layering Necklace
Druzy Hoop Earrings
Double Oval Druzy Necklace
Druzy Capsule Necklace
Dancing Druzy Post Earrings
Druzy Glitter Necklace
Open Air Druzy Earrings
Double Druzy Necklace
Chevron with Sea Green Druzy Necklace
Horizontal Druzy Necklace
Double Circle Sea Green Druzy Necklace
Double Circle Sea Green Druzy Earrings
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Pear Shaped Sea Green Druzy Earrings
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Pear Shaped Sea Green Druzy Necklace
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Sunset Earrings with Blue Zircon
Sunset Earrings with Garnet
Oxidized Sterling Silver Bimetal Square Earrings
Rectangle Earrings with Chunky Aquamarine
Tumbling Mini Square Earrings with Labradorite Briolett
Square Cage Post Earrings, Amethyst
Mini Square Post Earrings with Garnet
Three Rectangles Necklace
Two Rectangles/One Square Necklace - Garnet and Labradorite
Two Rectangles/One Square Necklace - Prehnite and Zircon
Quad Square Cage Necklace - Labradorite and Citrine
3 Small Squares Necklace with Garnet and Lapis
3 Small Squares Necklace with Citrine and Blue Zircon
Six Squares Necklace with Labradorite Teardrops
Rectangle Necklace with Chunky Stones - Amethyst
Diagonal Frame Necklace - Labradorite
Diagonal Frame Necklace - Citrine
Pebbles On the Beach Necklace on cord with Peridot
Pebbles On the Beach Collar Necklace with Topaz
Pendant Pebble On the Beach Necklace with Cubic Zirconia
Pebbles on the Beach Necklace with Amethyst
216 results
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