Classic Jewelry

140 results
Baroque Pearl Earrings
Peridot Trillion Earrings
Question Necklace
Circle Pendant Necklace
Double Line Circle Necklace
Angular Square Scene Necklace
Square Scene Necklace
Hodge Podge Necklace
Three Layer Square Necklace
Half Circle Necklace
Shifted Square Necklace
Water Drop Necklace
Reversible Ellipse Necklace
Triangle Layered  Necklace
Architectural Necklace
Layered Circle Pearl Necklace
Design Rectangle Necklace
Angular Square Necklace
Linear 3d Rectangle Necklace
Shield Earrings
Shield Earrings
Two Tone Layered Square Post Earrings
Double Square Post Earrings
Double Circle Post Earrings
Half and Half Circle Post Earrings
Black and Gold Rectangle Earrings
Three Color Shield Post Earrings
Half and Half Pearl Earrings
Two Pearl Rectangle Earrings
Garnet Curve Necklace
Citrine Triangle Post Earrings
Turquoise Swirl Necklace
Tiny Turquoise Post Earrings
Bandit Agate Loop Earrings
Bandit Agate Earrings
Bandit Agate Necklace
Reversible Citrine Earrings
Labradorite and Kyanite Drop Necklace
Labradorite and Kyanite Necklace
Labradorite and Kyanite Earrings
Green Quartz Necklace
Green Quartz Necklace
Niobium Halo Earrings
Niobium Half Circle Earrings with Carnelian
Niobium Circle Earrings with Carnelian
Tiny Niobium Triangle Earrings with Pearl
Half Circle Dot Pattern Earrings with Pearl
Small Gold Triangle Earrings with Pearl
Gold Vermeil Circle Earrings with Garnet
140 results
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