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"All Creatures Great and Small" Plaque
"Blessings and Peace" Plaque
"Creative Heart" Rectangular Mirror
"Dancing Birds" Lazy Susan
"Dream in Color" Lazy Susan
"For the Bees" Lazy Susan
"Fur Babies" Plaque
"Golden Hour" Lazy Susan
"Happy Spiral" Lazy Susan
"I Can't Get a Signal" Lazy Susan
"L'Chaim" Plaque
"Oh So Pretty" Circle Mirror
"Playful Patchwork" Rectangular Mirror
"Reflect" Rectangular Mirror
"Shalom Home" Plaque
"Welcome to the World" Plaque
"Your Life Is Art" Lazy Susan
''Young at heart, slightly older in other places''
12" Contemporary Tree with Magnets
14k Amethyst Ring with White Diamond accents
18K Gold Fan Earrings
2 Tab Earrings with White Sapphire
27" Wind Chime - Multiple Colors Available
2ft Giraffe
2ft Giraffe
3 Key Holder
3 Key Holder
30" Wind Chime - Multiple Colors Available
32" Contemporary Tree with Magnets
36" Wind Chime - Multiple Colors Available
4 Key Holder
4 Key Holder
4.5" Teleidoscope Padauk
40-Love in Fling
44" Wind Chime - Multiple Colors Available
45 Adapter Cufflinks
5 Key Holder
5 Key Holder
5.5'' Teleidoscope Padauk
5.5'' Teleidoscope Padauk Marquetry
50" Wind Chime - Multiple Colors Available
Sold Out
6" Wooden Wheel Kaleidoscope
6" Wooden Wheel Kaleidoscope
6″ Cat Feeder
6″ Cat Feeder
7" Wooden Wheel Kaleidoscope
7" Wooden Wheel Kaleidoscope
9 Tab Necklace – Mixed Metal with White Sapphire
9 Tab Necklace – White Rhodium with White Sapphire
9" Wooden Wheel Kaleidoscope
A Walk in the Rain Garden Stake
A Woman Determined to Rise
Abstract Necklace
1424 results
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