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Stick Pearls Necklace with Gold Dot
Pebble Bold Tapered Ring
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Pebble Small Diamond Hinged Hoops
Pebble Bold Diamond Hinged Cuff
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Clover Small Double Wire Diamond Hoop Earrings
Cyclone B1 Bracelet with Gray Diamonds
Cyclone R18 with White Diamonds
Cyclone R1 Ring with Diamonds
Square Drop Necklace
Disk Necklace
Disk Necklace
Small Spiral Necklace
Multi Shape Drop Necklace
Oxidized Sterling Silver and 14K Boxy Necklace
Angel Wing Earrings
Half Circle Chain Earrings
Sterling Silver and 14K Carved Cuff Bracelet
Dendritic Quartz, Brookite Quartz, Pearl, Tourmaline and Aquamarine Necklace
Labradorite, Tourmaline and Citrine Necklace
Boulder Opal, Peridot and Emerald Cuff Bracelet
Tourmaline and Prehnite Cuff Bracelet
Phantom Quartz Cuff Bracelet
Life Form earrings
Tapered Shield earrings
Glam in Waterlily
Single Scoop in Fling
Simple Gift in Waterlily
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The Two Earrings
The Dancers Earrings
Prism Earrings
Hoops Earrings
Oval Pendant Necklace
Prism Collar Necklace
Glitter Collar Necklace
Shapes Necklace
Shapes Necklace
Reticulated Ring - Labradorite
Reticulated Cuff- Blue Topaz
Reticulated Ring with 14K Gold
Pebbles on a Beach Bangle Bracelet - Mystic Topaz
Starlight Necklace
Element Hoop - Blue Topaz
Silver Baroque Pearl Necklace
Unique Hoop - XXL
Unique Hoop - XL
The Q Earring - White Topaz and Spinel
2 Tab Textured Earrings with White Sapphire
9 Tab Necklace with White Sapphire
Black and Gold Wrapped Hoop Earrings - Large
Opalescent Eclipse Necklace
842 results
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