64 results
Red Blown Glass Paperweight
Earth Tone Blown Glass Paperweight
Rainbow Square Glass Serving Tray
Small Circle of Light
Intertwined Glass Candlesticks - Red, Yellow
Optic Rib Boca Paperweight Sculpture
Optic LTC Paperweight Sculpture
White Sargasso Open Bowl
Stacked Stone Vessel
Blown Glass Decorative Tea Pot
Spring Primavera Hourglass
SeaFoam Triangular Vase Blue Small
Zipper Pilsner Glass
Medium Stack Gray
Medium Stack Gray
Tan Blown Glass Cairn
Red Blown Glass Sculptural Vase
Purple Blown Glass Sculptural Vase
Bride and Groom Martini Glasses (pair)
Bride and Groom Double Old Fashion Glasses (pair)
Black Silver Spun Champagne Flute
Purple 9" Thorn Bowl
Green 7" Thorn Bowl
Iris 15" Low Thorn Bowl
Blue Steel 14" Thorn Bowl
Arm Up Twist
Arm Up Twist
Mini Twist
Mini Twist
64 results
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