Sue Shapiro Clay

I want my clay work to bring a little joy to your life. It is my hope that my sculptural work adds visual interest to a space in your home or office and that my functional clay work will be used and enjoyed and become part of your everyday living. I combine form, pattern and color in a relationship to create visual harmony.” ---- Sue Shapiro


Sue began working with clay in 1976 and received a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art. In 1982, Sue established her Clay Studio in St. Petersburg, Florida. She began showing her work at local and national outdoor art shows. Within a few years she was represented by American Craft Galleries throughout the United States. Sue has been working with clay for over 40 years and continues to feel challenged by this versatile material. She experiences excitement most every time the kiln gets unloaded.

Inspirations that continue to influence her art work are tile work and carvings from ancient cultures, geometric patterns found in Native American Art, Art Deco, Mid Century Modern Design and Contemporary Architecture.


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